Replacment Air Handlers for SkyPak Models

Heatran manufactures drop in replacements for obsolete SkyPak AHUs, including SGAD, SEAG, RGAD, READ, SGAE, and SEAE as well as other SkyMark products. SkyPak products are no longer supported be their manufacturer. Heatran is the only option for a drop in replacement.

Custom HVAC equipment

Heatran's team of Engineers can design custom HVAC equipment to work within any constraints you have. Call us when off the shelf products won't work. By using a custom unit considerable time and headache is saved in the field.

Custom Air Handling Units

Heatran makes Air Handlers, Make Up Air Units, Fan Coil Units, Rooftop Units and more, for retrofit applications to fit in custom spaces. Send us make/model numbers or dimensions and we can work with you to find a solution.


Please contact us with the make, model and quantity of Air Handling Units you need to replace, or any other inquireies. Thank you.